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Lord of the Rings Online Is Introducing Instant Level 95 Boosts

Lord of the Rings Online is introducing instant level 95 boosts, which is rather surprising, considering the game has a very rich storyline. So rich, in fact, that every level offers different quests and zones to undertake without getting bored. But for those among us who’d rather grind than actually experience fantastic content set in a vivid universe, there’s another option coming with the game’s next update!

Lord of the Rings Online Is Introducing Instant Level 95 Boosts

Yes, that might sound a bit condescending, but that’s just because we really like the story of Lord of the Rings Online. However, we do understand if you’re leveling up one of your many alts that this might be a viable option for you. But please don’t do this if this is your first character in the game, because you’re going to miss out on so much.

By purchasing Blessing of the Valar for 5,995 TP, which translates to roughly $60 dollars, you will level to 95 immediately. You don’t have to worry about having appropriate gear either, because you’ll have mounts and gear waiting for you once you have purchased it. Players who are already level 95 cannot purchase Blessing of the Valar for the benefits of gear, though players who are already level 51 or higher can still purchase this one-time boost. In the video below you’ll see someone using Blessing of the Valar, so you’ll know what you’re up for if you watch that video!

Our Thoughts

Though we think it’s a shame to purchase this item if it’s your first time trying out Lord of the Rings Online, it is a good alternative to working through all the content on your alt characters. Let’s just hope that new people choose to see what the lower levels have to offer before they buy Blessing of the Valar.


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