Limited Edition Eve Online Catalyst on Ratpr

Fans of Eve Online are eagerly awaiting the upcoming expansion release, Retribution – doubly so, for those also connected to Raptr, as starting Tuesday, November 27th those players will likely be one of the 5000 lucky recipients of a limited edition in-game ship, the Inner Zone Shipping Catalyst.

Inner Zone Shipping Catalyst: Inner Zone Shipping’s main claim to fame is as the Bank of Luminaire’s preferred courier for high-value shipments. Catalysts are escort crafts combining high speed and maneuverability with an extremely heavy punch.

For its highest-value runs, IZS prefers to use brand-new hulls, which are then immediately sold off after use to prevent unscrupulous elements from tracking their ID numbers. While most of these ships are repainted and sold as stock, Inner Zone has discovered a lucrative sideline in selling a few on to capsuleer collectors, who place a premium on ships with interesting histories.

The Inner Zone Shipping Catalyst grants the following: Destroyer skill bonus per level: 10% Bonus to Small Hybrid Turret tracking speed and 10% bonus to Small Hybrid Turret falloff; Role Bonus: 50% bonus to optimal range for small hybrid turrets. 

Not bad for swag, eh? I know I’ll be picking one up – it’ll make an awesome addition to my little collection. If you want one too, head on over to Remember, you’ll need to be ranked Experienced or above in Eve Online to qualify.

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