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Lineage 2 Free to Play Details Revealed

NCSoft recently announced that Fantasy MMORPG Lineage II (L2) will be going Free to Play. Details were vague but now we can finally reveal exactly what’s in store for Lineage fans in the near future. The Goddess of Destruction expansion pack will set the beginning of what will become one of the most valuable free experiences in the industry. NCSoft have revamped seven years of content and are introducing 400 hours of new content, the largest update in the history of Lineage 2.

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The inclusion of a free to play business model won’t restrict players, the cash shop in the game only serves to accelerate character progression. All existing and new content will be completely unlocked for free accounts, there is no seperate VIP subscription that unlocks premium zones, you can go everywhere and do everything for free. Boy is there a lot to do, Goddess of Destruction brings 8 new classes, over 400 new weapons and armor, 60 new raid bosses, and 34 new hunting zones. Not only that but the game engine and a lot of in-game systems and features have been revamped. The Clan housing system, party matchmaking and fast travel have all been improved as part of the update.

“Launching Lineage II as a Truly Free player experience is a reflection of our vision to provide players with the most accessible business model for each of our titles,” said Matt Turetzky, Executive Vice President, NCsoft West. “You’ve seen with the recent release of City of Heroes Freedom and through our successful portfolio of games that we are capable of supporting multiple business models.  Not only does the Lineage II Truly Free concept introduce yet another unique business model to the industry, but it provides players with a very enticing entry point to experience the exciting new content coming with the Goddess of Destruction update.”

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Players will find that the journey to the level cap of 99 is a lot less tedious, levelling being roughly four times faster. At level 85 players will unlock access to the Goddess of Destruction content, the new ease of progression and premium item packs from the cash shop mean that new players can catch up fast to participate in siege warfare, intense PvP and all the other epic content that have made Lineage 2 one of the most popular MMORPGs in history. Lineage II is set to go Free to Play later this year!

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