Lineage 2: Revolution Set for Global Launch

Action-MMO Lineage 2: Revolution will be seeing a global launch in 2017 according to an announcement made by NCSoft and Netmarble.


Lineage 2: Revolution will first arrive to Korea in October of 2016 with an early beta test in September. Afterwards, the game will launch globally in early 2017 for iOS and Android devices.

Lineage 2: Revolution is an open-world MMO that features four races, three classes, action-oriented combat, group dungeons and large-scale siege PvP. The game is currently being demoed at a Google Play event in South Korea’s Dongdaemun Design Plaza from now until August 24th. Videos of the game in action can be viewed at, and the cinematic trailer can be seen below.

Our Thoughts

We’re not too sure how well an action combat MMO will translate to a mobile format. Regardless, the graphics for Lineage 2: Revolution look quite good, and the amount of action the game is able to play on-screen is impressive for a mobile MMO. Just one question remains to be answered: How fast will it drain your device’s battery?

Your Thoughts

Do you think you’ll be playing Lineage 2: Revolution? Do you have reservations about the game’s control scheme? Tell us what you think about this story in the comments.

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