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Livelock Releases Details for Final Character

The last playable character to round out the roster for Perfect World Entertainment’s upcoming top-down shooter, Livelock, is the support hero Catalyst. She is a trained soldier, capable fighter and has excellent leadership skills. Catalyst will be joined by Hex and Vanguard in the official release of Livelock.

Pre-cataclysm, Catalyst was a member of the Armed Forces, carrying on her family’s legacy of military service. Her functions in battle are enabled by a small squad of combat drones she commands. Though the Earth’s battlefields have changed, a new war wages across its surface and Catalyst seeks to uphold the honor of her family.”

Below is a trailer detailing Catalyst and her abilities:

Livelock is a co-operative shooter that takes place in a post-apocalyptic 22nd century, where machines wage an endless war against each other. With limited human resources remaining, they have turned to the Capital Intellects where a human consciousness is uploaded into a deadly machine. It is up to the players to stop the cycle of infinite war through use of the Capital Intellects before humanity is lost forever.

The game is scheduled to launch in 2016 for the PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Interested players can signup through the official website to receive updates about the game.

Source: Press Release

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