Lockjaw Rolls forward, then Back – A little Too far Both Ways

As all of you probably know by now, Lockjaw is the Everquest progression sever that was introduced to deal with overpopulation issues on the Ragefire server. Both of these servers got off to a bit of a rough start, but it was assumed those days were over and it would be smooth sailing from now on. How wrong we were.

Lockjaw Growing Pains

For those who don’t know, Lockjaw is a progression server, meaning it is supposed to emulate 1999 Everquest as closely as possible. This means no mounts, no claims, etc. Well, technically there were no maps in 1999, but they sort of messed that one up already. They took it a step further last night when somehow(they claim it was a bug), the server  manage to go into ‘live mode’, meaning it suddenly featured everything from 1999 all the way to present day, including mounts.

“well, I was playing like normal and suddenly I had 2 extra inventory slots and a book appeared and told me I should go to the great divide … next thing I know I see people riding around on mounts so for kicks I went to char select and I was able to make an Iksar necro … realized that something happened where the entire server went to fully “live” servers … probably going to be a HUGE rollback” – Everquest Player

Human nature kicked in, and the moment players realized what was going on, they began to click one everything in their claim windows, prompting Daybreak to shut down the server and literally roll it back 48 hours. Players lost hours of progress, thousands in plat, and items that are now sorely missed. As one player said: “This is literally the only thing about Lockjaw that’s like 1999”.


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