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Lord of the Rings Online Worlds Closing

Last week, we sadly reported on Lord of the Rings Online’s upcoming server closures, and today Turbine have revealed the list of worlds that will be remaining, and those that are, as of today, no longer allowing character creation and will be closed at the beginning of 2016.

lord of the rings online

As mentioned previously, the transfer process will begin gradually, first with the opening of the Bullroarer test world for character copy, and followed by transfers opening to the 10 remaining worlds. The worlds due to close will open for transfer a few at a time in the order listed, though bear in mind that Brandywine will be unavailable for incoming transfers for a while until Turbine are able to re-evaluate population and load on new hardware.


Worlds Closing:

Elendilmir Estel
Riddermark Gilrain
Firefoot Eldar
Nimrodel Anduin
Windfola Morthond
Imladris Maiar
Darrowdelf Vanyar
Silverlode Withywindle
Vilya Snowbourn


Remaining Worlds:

Arkenstone Belegaer
Crickhollow Gwaihir
Landroval Sirannon
Gladden Laurelin
Brandywine Evernight


Make sure to keep an eye on the Lord of the Rings Online website, forums, and game launcher for announcements regarding timing.


Source: Lord of the Rings Online Dev Diary

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