Lord of the Rings Online Previews the Mordor Expansion

A Lord of the Rings Online Mordor preview has just wrapped up on Twitch, and with it comes a variety of teases and early looks at what the new expansion will be bringing to the MMORPG.

lord of the rings online mordor preview

LotRO’s Mordor expansion will begin shortly after the quest of the Fellowship is ended as The Black Gate is shattered and Sauron has been defeated. Players will have to contend with the power vacuum that has been created in the aftermath as the forces of the Shadow attempt to rebuild from the ashes of their ruin.

The stream showed off a variety of locations in the new expansion, from the fortress of Nargaroth to the tainted swamplands of Agarnaith just outside of the fortress of Seregost. In total, five new areas will be available, as the story itself – referred to as The Black Book of Mordor – is said to enter new territory that Tolkien never wrote himself.

The land of Mordor will feature a new Shadow affliction mechanic that will have an undisclosed affect on your character. While traveling the land, a visual indication of how steeped in Shadow your character is will envelop you, and the further from the path you stray, the more Shadow you’ll be wrapped in. Straying from the path could be enticing, however, as Mordor will house a variety of discoverable treasures. While the Shadow mechanic is something players will need to consider, the devs did state that they will not use this as a way to gate content from players.

lord of the rings online mordor preview

Finding treasures is part of the fun, but what if you find something you can’t use? There will be an item that players can carry that lets then break down unwanted equipment into a new Ashes of Gorgoroth currency, which can then be bartered for equipment that will be of benefit. Not every item found can be broken down, but most can.

The Mordor expansion will be available to test on the Bullroarer test server tomorrow, with the time of its opening to be announced later. The upcoming build will focus mainly on the new leveling curve from the current cap of 106 to 115 along with other features available such as a new Barber Shop and the previously discussed treasure discovery. Other aspects of the expansion, such as the new High Elf race and updated character models, will not be available to test initially, but details for those are expected in the coming weeks.

The stream did not provide a release date or pricing details for the Mordor expansion, but the devs did say they would “announce very loudly” when that information is available. You can catch up on the entire stream at LotRO’s Twitch channel, though be prepared for about 20 to 30 minutes of microphone SNAFUs at the start.

Our Thoughts

The stream tried to hit as many bases as possible, but there are certainly a lot of unanswered questions. For now, we’re going to join in the excitement of what’s to come for LotRO. We can’t wait to explore Mordor!

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