Lord of the Rings Online Update 14 Now Live

Lord of the Rings Online Update 14 launched today. With it came the highly anticipated West Gondor content, the level 100 level cap, Epic Story Volume IV. Additionally it features the usual class balancing and bug fixes that come with every game update.

Lord of the Rings Online Update 14

Executive Producer Aaron Cambell addressed the players on the forums not only outlining update 14 but also looking ahead to the rest of 2014. Later this year Central Gondor and Pelargir will both be added along with the Beorning class which is currently in alpha testing. They also have decided to change a few plans they had previously made. They won’t be raising the level cap again this year after players expressed concerns. And they’ll also be adding a new system of advancement for your legendary item. If you’d like to read all the details and comments you can see the forum post on the official LOTRO forums.

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