Lords Online game page opens on Facebook

Lords Online game Page opens on


With the debut of their new title, Lords Online, progressing smoothly, officials at IGG are announcing the opening of their official Lords

Online game page on Facebook, the massive social networking community of more than 250 million users.

To allow players to log directly into Lords

Online, an APP plug was added to the Facebook interface on January 15th. All players need to start their very own kingdom is a Facebook account.


The Facebook initiative is just one of many planned by the Lords Online team, which is looking to cooperate with other popular websites in the very near future,

and welcome even more players to join the fun and add to the growing community of gamers who already enjoy Lords Online.

About Lords Online
Lords Online is a browser-based game that combines the classic RPG style of play with SLG elements. Lords Online

sets itself apart from other similar games by allowing players to take command of their own battles and fights down to the tiniest detail. This brings a new level of realism

never seen before in RPG web based games.

Visit the Lords Online official site at

target=”_blank”>http://lo.igg.com to learn more about the game and get all the latest news.

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