Lost Saga has a new Website and Open Beta is Imminent

Nexon Europe is pleased to announce the opening of their official Lost Saga website. Ahead of the games Open Beta Test, which will start April 24th.


The new website features a host of different details entailing their released characters for their MMO Brawler game Lost Saga, including skills and specialties as well as weekly updates on new content being added to the game. When open beta testing has begins, player rankings and guild informations will be added to the website as well. To highlight their joy for diversity, new maps will expand the existing gallery of battlegrounds during the beta, and more characters will be added to the game bi-weekly.

Lost Saga

“We saw a huge success with the Closed Beta Testing of Lost Saga and have been overwhelmed with anticipation from the existing community about the Open Beta,” said Jay Park, Product Manager at Nexon Europe. “The new site makes it even easier to join in that process and we look forward to welcoming new additions to our thriving player base.”

Check out their trailer down here and click here for the official website:

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