Luke Smith: Destiny has “Huge Potential”

A recent interview with Destiny lead designer Luke Smith gave insight into the future of Bungie’s flagship MMORPG.

The Future of Destiny

According to a recent interview with Playstation, Destiny developer Luke Smith talked candidly about the future of Destiny. According to Smith, no one at Bungie is satisfied with the current state of the game; there is room for improvement.

“I actually don’t think there are many, or any, people on the Bungie team who look at Destiny as a job well done,” Smith said. “It’s like a job in progress that has a ridiculous amount of work in front of us and huge amount of potential that we haven’t met at all in a bunch of ways. We’ve met it in other ways, but that potential is the thing we’re still chasing.”

Smith also talked about what lies ahead for Destiny, discussing the game’s future beyond The Taken King. In short, new DLC are incoming. This is no surprise, though. Bungie has, on several occasions, voiced long-term support for the scifi shooter MMO. And, given Activision’s large investment in the game, it looks like Destiny will be seeing new DLC for the remaining foreseeable future. Hopefully the developer will continue to polish online role playing elements and introduce new story and multiplayer campaigns.


Source: Playstation

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