Mabinogi ties in with Sword Art Online for big event.

Every year the summer always brings a slew of content for Nexon titles. This year is no different. As part of “Ultimate Anime Summer” Nexon has announced it’s first Anime tie in for its hit game Mabinogi. Players will get to experience the world of Sword Art online via various events and free giveaways.

The event kicks off this Wednesday, August 13th. Featuring a series of new event dungeons players will join characters from the show in a cooperative style event that loosely follows the shows story line. Although not much detail is known about the event themselves, it is sure to be an exciting experience for all those involved.



Several other events are planned for the month, including a new fishing zone where players can sit back and relax as they raise their fishing skill. As per other evens players will most likely be able to earn various items through the fishing mini game.

Players brave enough to take on the White Dragon raid boss will be rewarded with “crystalite” that can be traded in for Sword art online themed weapons and armor. This particular part of the event starts on Augest 20th and runs until the begining of September.


Players that log in on August 23rd are in for an incredibly special treat. They will get a free “Yui” Partner that will assist you throughout the game. Yui is a promenent character featured throughout the show. She’s an artificial intelligence who manifests as a fairy and helps the main character throughout his journey.

It’s sure to be an enthralling month for Mabinogi players. If you are you have never had the pleasure of playing Mabinogi now might be a good time to start. Aimed at MMORPG fans and anime fans alike Mabinogi is an enjoyable experience full of content and featuring an open progression system. Events run from August 13th until September 9th

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