Maelstrom Meshes PUBG with Piracy

We were all pretty much ready and waiting for The Great Battle Royale Games Flood to come smashing down upon us all with PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds rousing success. Consider our cynicism jarred just a bit, however, in the face of the Maelstrom article published by our friends at PCGamesN.

maelstrom article

In a sponsored series focused on games made in Unreal Engine 4, PCGamesN spoke with the devs at Gunpowder Games about their online multiplayer battle royale title on the high seas. Maelstrom is described as “Sid Meier’s Pirates! crashing into the rocks of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” and sees players sailing the open ocean, looking to get gold from either sunken vessels or from earning bounties by killing other players.

The shrinking play space mechanic in Maelstrom is referred to as “dead waters” that are filled with dangerous undersea monsters. If players find themselves in these treacherous, inky seas, they’ll receive one warning before a massive monster will leap out of the ocean and instantly destroy their ship a few seconds later.

Maelstrom did launch a Kickstarter campaign that was cancelled in August, but the devs did state their intention to return “soon” as their campaign did earn them a dev grant from Epic Games. Maelstrom’s official website currently is sparse on information, but Gunpowder Games does refer players to its Twitter as well as Facebook for additional information.

Our Thoughts

Honestly, we’re pretty okay with battle royale “clones” as long as they bring new and interesting ideas like what Maelstrom is offering. Of course, looking good in Unreal Engine 4 is secondary to how the game plays, so here’s hoping we get to learn more on that front sometime soon.

Sources: PCGamesN, Kickstarter, Unreal Engine website

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