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Man Arrested for Runescape Phishing Scams

A British man was arrested last Tuesday by the Police Central e-Crime Unit (PCeU) for the suspicion of illegally obtaining numerous account details of the popular browser-based MMORPG, Runescape. Jagex, makers of Runescape, confirmed that they supplied the information to the authorities, leading to the arrest in connection with Runescape Phishing Scams. Jagex’s press release stated that the account details were stolen through phishing websites. These fake sites tricked the unsuspecting victims into inputting their logon credentials.

“Account theft and the use of phishing websites is a problem facing the entire online games industry and Jagex maintains a specialist team to combat any law breaking within our games,” said Mark Gerhard, Jagex CEO. “Where there is any evidence to suggest someone has committed a crime, as is clearly the case with any phishing or hijacking, we work closely with law enforcement agencies around the world to bring these people to account.”

Following the discovery of a compromise in the account details, Jagex immediately worked with the authorities to gather sufficient evidence and arrest the culprit responsible. The suspect, a 23-year-old man, was cautioned and released after the arrest was made. Formal cautions avoid the need for prosecution due to financial or ethical considerations, but still have sufficient evidence to prove the suspect’s guilt and/or may have an admission from the culprit himself.

No information has been disclosed as to the number of accounts compromised.

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