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Man Completed World of Warcraft

A Taiwanese man has been declared to have successfully “beaten” World of Warcraft. The man has successfully completed all 986 achievements in the tiresome attempt to do anything and everything there is to do in the hugely-popular MMORPG. Has this man completed World of Warcraft in your view? Let’s take a look!

The man, aptly called “Little Gray” online, beat the game with the following numbers on his WoW resume: 390,895 creatures killed, 7,255,538,878 points of damage accumulated, 5,906 quests completed (that’s 14 to 15 quests per day), 405 dungeons raided and 11 players hugged. There are speculations that Gray might have claimed the B.B King achievement through a glitch, but regardless of such accusations, no other player has officially reached those numbers yet. Considering the game time this guy spent, it’s a wonder if he still has a life outside the confines of his PC monitor.

Well, until the next expansion arrives, he’s got nothing left to do in World of Warcraft.

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