Man spends $330,000 in a virtual bid

Some of us might really be pressured to shell out

some cash for the sake of enjoying the game. Some gamers are more than willing to spend for the sake of fun and that "added edge." And there’s a certain breed of

gamers bent on investing a huge fortune on a game. Meet "Buzz Erik Lightyear," a dedicated player of the game Entropia Universe. How dedicated is he, you ask? Does

$330,000 satisfy your answer?

Yep, you heard it right. "Erik" just shelled out 3.3 million Peds (Entropia’s in-game currency) in a close bid

war to acquire the coveted "Crystal Palace Space Station." For everyone’s information, Entropia has a system that accepts conversion of Peds to real world money in

a 1:10 exchange rate. I’m sure this is a shock to most of us gamers, cringing on the fact that more than a quarter of a million dollars was lost to something virtual. Let’s

just hope it was an investment worth spending.

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