MapleStory 2 Talks Style Crates and PvP

Fashion and digitally murdering the avatars of complete strangers. Two great tastes that taste great together? No, actually, but they were some of the topics covered in a MapleStory 2 post-launch producer’s letter that offered a few looks at what the team has planned next.

maplestory 2 post-launch producer's letter

After collecting feedback regarding the Style Crates, the devs have decided to introduce items originally available through the crates into the regular cash shop as well in an effort to not keep cosmetics locked behind RNG. Additionally, those who bought Style Crates will be compensated with one Style Coin for every five crates purchased. All of these changes are due on the October 18th update.

For those eager to get into the PvP swing of things, the team plans to reintroduce PvP and an updated PvP gear system early this coming December. More specific details will be unveiled around the third or fourth week of November.

The blog post also stirred the pot for the MMO’s upcoming Halloween update and briefed fans on a few of the higher profile issues being taken on like launch errors, bots, and changes to the dungeon cap. All of that can be read at this link.

Our Thoughts

We suspect there will be more than a few MapleStory 2 players ready for PvP to make a return. Here’s hoping it does so successfully…because as it’s been demonstrated already, folks will let the devs know if it’s not.

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