MapleStory Brings New and Returning Halloween Events

MMO Halloween continues to spread across the digital landscape like an awesome, chilly blanket. This time around it’s MapleStory Halloween, as a new event is detailed along with some returning favorites for players of the MMO.

maplestory halloween

The new event is the Midnight Monster Bash, which sees players collecting candy, fighting a giant pumpkin monster, and earning rewards in the process. Players can also set up a trick-or-treat chair that others can click on to receive candy. Those whose altruism earns them spots on a trick-or-treat leaderboard will be granted special in-game rewards. Everyone will also receive an adorable Cat-O-Lantern pet that offers stat boosts. Feed the Lantern candy and it will grow and change appearance as well as offer increased boosts.

The Monster Bash isn’t the only event running through the season. The Madhouse Dungeon, Murgoth Dungeon, and Dark Lords of Darkness encounters will all be making a return, along with the Maple Music Festival and the Thanksgiving Food Fight.

The Midnight Monster Bash runs from October 24th through November 7th, while the vast majority of the other events will kick off on Wednesday, October 18th. More information can be found on the MapleStory website and a trailer for the Monster Bash is available below.

Our Thoughts

If an event in-game is being run by someone named HallowKitty, how could anyone possibly resist? It sounds like the players of MapleStory will have a very busy several weeks ahead of them and we hope they have an awesome time.

Source: press release

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