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MapleStory Celebrates 8th Anniversary in Europe With New Content

To celebrate MapleStory’s 8th anniversary in Europe, Nexon have announced that they will be introducing an update bringing a new storyline and bunch of quest content to the free to play MMORPG, as well as events and revamped classes. Nearly four million characters have been created in Europe over the past eight years with around 1.6 million quests completed each month and over 8,000 players taking part in virtual weddings.

MapleStory EU - - Your source for MMOs & MMORPGs

The update will introduce the tale of Gold Dragon and Red Tiger with 30 brand new quests and a new boss encounter to experience. Gold Dragon and Red Tiger are two of Mu Gong’s most famous students and have formed their own rival factions, from which players can pledge allegiance to one or the other. They will be able to help the Dojo grow by running quests, errands, and training. The new update to MapleStory will also bring some changes to the Hayato and Kanna classes whose skills have had a few adjustments.

There will be a number of events taking place for MapleStory’s 8th anniversary, including Kingsday. Players will be able to visit Orange Park and complete a series of quests to defeat a rebel, they will also be able to collect tulips to claim a tiara. Additionally, MapleStory players can visit the four countries of Starworld which all have their own quests and collectible horoscopes, which will allow players to claim special Andromeda items.


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