Mass Effect 4 To Have Multiplayer

According to the eagle eyed reporters at Polygon who caught the tweet, BioWare is looking to expand Mass Effect 4 with an online component.

According to a job listing tweeted by Senior Developtment director, Chris Wynn, BioWare is looking for an online producer to help create multiplayer experiences.

The job listing for those of you brave enough to try can be found here.

While details about Mass Effect 4 are still few and far between, there have been recent shakeups at BioWare, especially with them discontinuing Shadow Realms. Perhaps we’ll see Shadow Realms come back in some form in the future, until then there’s the question of where the team and technology have gone.

Sadly discontinued

Sadly discontinued

While some will be working on Star Wars: The Old Republic, perhaps they’ll show up in a distant future putting itself back together after the events of the original trilogy.

Time will tell on the staff. What do you as players think of the idea? A semi persistent or otherwise multiplayer Mass Effect 4. Appealing? Or should they go the whole hog like they did with Knights of The Old Republic and bring us Mass Effect: Online?

Mass Effect 5?

Mass Effect 5?

Source: Polygon

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