Master of Orion Phase 5 Updates Based on Community Feedback

The grandaddy of the “4X” gameplay (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate) will not only be 30% off for both Steam and’s summer sales, but is trying to lure you in with promises of heeding the advice of your peers: Master of Orion‘s phase 5 updated based on community feedback, enhancing the game’s UI, rebalancing gameplay, and improving general user experience, with changes to the trait system’s revamp being the real meat of the update, making the game’s ten races even more unique. However, biomes now have a greater effect on population growth, and there’s a new galaxy cluster type, so don’t jump in assuming the only thing changing in space are the (cat/lizard/bear/bird) people.

Master of Orion Phase 5 Tech Tree


Our Thoughts

Remember that nostalgia can repaint a mediocre past into a masterpiece of the mind. The game is still in Early Access, and the Steam page has several reviews complaining that the game may not be in a condition suitable for most players. Summer sales are especially exciting times, and we all know at least one gamer (possible ourselves) who ends up spending way more on games than they need to, many of which simply collect digital dust while waiting to be played when we get that free time that never seems to line up with certain titles. MoO has some good visual polish and a stunning cast of voice actors, but buyer beware! There are certain people who get burned once during Early Access and never return to that game, including yours truly. If you’re particularly attached to the series, maybe wait until people start discussing how effective the update is.

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