McDonald’s Uses CS:GO to Sell Food

It’s a weird sort of day today, so that kind of feels right for some off-beat news in my opinion. A Redditor from Copenhagen has decided to show off some McDonald’s CS:GO ads that seek to link the team-based multiplayer FPS with burgers and fries, in what could be seen as an ad company’s attempt at being “with it.”

mcdonald's cs:go ads

The image above comes from Redditor kakipls, which references several McDonald’s menu items with terminology from CS:GO, like calling a large meal a “full buy” and even wishing folks to good luck and have fun beneath its arches.

The signage looks to be part of a pretty large campaign in the country, as another image calls a Happy Meal a noob and refers to someone nicking a fry as a fragsteal.

Considering the location, it’s hard to call these ads a random attempt to connect with the kids: CS:GO has reportedly seen a spike in popularity in Denmark, helped in part by the performance of the Astralis team. Additionally, the sign boards are located close to the Royal Arena, where the sold out Blast Pro Series event is being held.

…and now we’re kind of hungry, so GGWP, McDonald’s.

Our Thoughts

Does this story really have a point? Nah. Sometimes one has to take a moment to double-take or headtilt in the direction of a random gaming-related thing. So that’s what we’re doing here. Seriously, though, when’s lunch?

Sources: CS:GO subreddit, PCGamesN

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