Medieval Army Sandbox Warfare Coming Soon in Conqueror’s Blade

Promising massive armies, action combat meshed with tactical troop maneuvering, and a variety of medieval weapons and units, the Conqueror’s Blade PC beta has been announced. Well, sort of announced. It’s an announcement that they’re going to make an announcement.

conqueror's blade pc beta

Conqueror’s Blade first made its debut at E3 this year to apparently strong reception. The game drops players in a map several thousand kilometers long where they must command and grow their own House and Kingdom. Conqueror’s Blade offers 5v5 or 15v15 PvP battles on a grand scale thanks to the title’s unique CHAOS engine.

Conqueror’s Blade will offer a large selection of period weapons and units from both Eastern and Western civilizations. The CHAOS engine is reportedly capable of generating thousands of troops and a variety of weather and environmental effects, while gameplay will challenge players to think ahead and consider which armies to deploy where.

While more information on the beta of Conqueror’s Blade was not part of the press release, it did state the intention of starting things off “soon”. Until a full date is announced, interested players can check out the game’s website as well as the trailer below.

Our Thoughts

There’s not an awful lot of information to go on in the press release. Still, we have to admit that we are most certainly curious to learn more about what Conqueror’s Blade has to offer. Combining action combat with tactical army movement sounds like it’d be hard to do, but we’d definitely be up for learning more.

Source: press release

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