Metin2 New Devil’s Catacomb Patch

Courtesy of publisher G4Box Inc., Metin2, popular action MMO, has now been updated with a new patch. The new patch, the Devil’s Catacomb update, let’s players experience the Devil’s Catacomb, located in the Forbidden Temple. Plenty of loot including eight new helmets, a new shield and three new accessories are up for grabs. 

The new area is specifically designed for players who are level 75 and up. The Catacomb itself contains 7 levels to explore and can be found close to the gate of the Demon Tower. Once you’ve completed the first level, you’ll have one hour to complete the rest. With a new dungeons comes new items and loot to discover. On the 7th level, if players defeat the final boss, a mystic basket will drop from Lord Gahansel, which may contain a large amount of EXP and gold or other special items.

“The release of the Devil’s Catacomb is something Metin2 players have really been looking forward to,” said Jason Yang, CEO of G4Box Inc. 
“This new patch is a way for us to reward longtime players of Metin2, who have put in a great deal of work to get to a high level in the game, with both all-new content to explore and a special item giveaway they will really enjoy.”

In addition to the new Catacombs, the new patch includes eight new helmets. Each class will have one level 61 and one level 80 helmet available.

Players will also find a new shield which is usable for all classes, as well as three new accessories including one bracelet, one trinket and one necklace. 

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