The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot enters Open Beta

Ubisoft has announced today that their latest dungeon crawler / builder The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot has entered open beta.

This game is truly awesome! If you haven’t seen the trailer, I suggest you check it out!

The free-to-play action fantasy game, puts the player in the role of both the creator and player of levels. You get to build your own castle and design everything in it. You pick what the lay-out looks like, what booby-traps you place, and what gauntlet of monsters your friends have to hack-and-slash their way through. After you have designed your beautiful palace of death and destruction, you invite your friends to come play in them! Hopefully they will enjoy their stay, leveling up and gaining loot as they traverse your lair of doom. With the announcement of open beta, also comes the new axe-wielding class called Runaway.


Seriously though, this game looks like loads of fun! And like Destructiod said earlier, it’s like Diablo and Dungeon Keeper had a baby!

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