Minecraft Earth Closed Beta Begins Today

The Minecraft Earth closed beta started today for those who preregistered and are lucky enough to live in either London, Seattle, Stockholm, or Tokyo. If like all of us at MMOGames you aren’t lucky enough to live in one of those cities you can go onto Youtube or Twitch and see people playing it. As you might expect, at the moment the gameplay isn’t all that exciting or interesting. People are just getting settled in and learning how the game works. But with time it is sure to get more grand and more interesting to watch.

One cute feature of the game that wasn’t highlighted in any announcements is that if you’re in a car while in the game your character will ride in a minecart. Because why wouldn’t they? It’s little features like this that will really make Minecraft Earth stand out.

There is no word yet when or even if Minecraft Earth’s closed beta will open up to other cities. There also hasn’t been a release date announced for the game yet. Mojang has warned players however that progress will be wiped throughout the beta process. So, from the sounds of it beta might be going for a while.

“The integrity of your builds and data is super important to us, making sure that your creations and collection stay intact is a top priority. That said, we will wipe everything at least once during the beta period- Inventory, stats and build plates. That is because this is a true beta designed to test a huge amount of things. After the beta period ends, what you collect, build and own will stay there.”

According the new FAQ Minecraft Earth does include some iOS only features. “Minecraft Earth will use Apple ARKit’s People Occlusion to show people directly inside their life-size builds, and Motion Capture to trigger pre-set character animations in the game. This is part of ARKit 3.0 in the upcoming version of iOS, version 13.”

Players will need to remain active if they want to stay in the beta. Players who aren’t actively playing in a 7 day period will be removed from the beta and go back into the beta pool.

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