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Minecraft raises awareness for Autism

Thomas Kirkman-Wood is a 14-year-old Minecraft enthusiast. He also has autism.

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In order to raise money and awareness for autism, Tom is planning a 12-hour Minecraft livestream on Friday, August 7th. He will be donating the money to Ambitious about Autism, a national charity that focuses on young people with autism. His stream will run from 8am to 8pm, although the specific time zone was not noted on his donation page.

Tom said “I am very keen to spread the word about autism and love busting autism myths. I also happen to be a big Minecraft fan. The 12 hours is just 12 hours of playing in one go – I have done that kind of length before so I know that I can handle it however it is always hard. I will occasionally ask people in chat to set me goals and challenges”.

Minecraft creates an excellent environment for children with autism because it promotes creativity in a non-threatening way, according to Learning Works for Kids. Generally people with autism enjoy routine and familiarity, but Minecraft becomes a safe world for them to explore and develop flexibility while not putting them in danger. There is even a Minecraft community designed specifically for kids with autism called Autcraft.

“We are always delighted when the young people we represent and support want to raise money for us. This fundraiser is a great example of the different ways that you can raise money. Whilst it is true that Minecraft is a particularly popular game for young people with autism, 12 hours is quite the commitment and we wish Tom all the best of luck with the marathon,” said Jolanta Lasota, CEO Ambitious about Autism

Tom’s stream will be available on Twitch.

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