MMO FaceOff Episode 1: Grand Chase vs Trickster

Welcome to the first episode of MMO FaceOff! In this week’s episode, Tobias Masters takes a closer look at Grand Chase and Trickster Online to see which one best deserves your time. Can you guess the victor?

Be sure to comment below with which MMOs you’d like to see FaceOff in next week’s episode! 

Grand Chase is a 2D Action MMO that combines side-scrolling and dungeon-crawler gameplay with anime inspired visuals.

By far the most appealing feature of Grand Chase is its character selection. In total there are currently 12 classes (each an individual character) available in Grand Chase; the Knight, Spell Knight, Archer, Thief, Magician, Druid, Dancer, Wanderer, Stygian, Rune Caster, Fighter and Gladiator.

Trickster is a 2D Fantasy MMORPG that blends many traditional ‘grind-style’ elements with innovative class progression and a massive 400 levels.

Trickster’s forefront innovation lies in its character progression system; you’ll begin by choosing between one of 8 unique animal themed classes — the Buffalo, Bunny, Dragon, Sheep, Lion, Fox, Raccoon and Cat — and 12 available statistic distributions.

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