MMOGames at E3 2012: What To Expect When You’re Expecting

‘Twas the night before E3 and all through the house, not a gamer was sleeping, not even my spouse. Well, she was trying to sleep. Dan and I were making it difficult; although, in our defence, we did have a lot of loud, exaggerated screaming to do.

I should clarify that by explaining that this was to be our first trip to E3, and that we felt compelled to remind each other of this fact regularly via the aforementioned loud, exaggerated screaming. 

Sure, our reaction to the media invitation to E3 was probably a little different to most game journalists’, but we weren’t worried. You see, we’re gamers – MMOGamers, to be precise – and we love our games.

Games like War of the Roses and Guns of Icarus and Embers of Cearus that we know almost nothing about, but couldn’t be more excited to see. Will they be there? It seems like it. Will they show us something new? We definitely hope so. Will they let us play? They won’t have a choice.

And then there’s the highly anticipated releases, too, like Age of Wushu, DUST 514, The Elder Scrolls Online, Planetside 2… and a good 40 or so more.

Dan’s prepared a list of every MMO being shown at E3 2012 that you can take a look at here, and we’ll be covering as many of them as we can during our 2 days at the event. 

Once we’ve arrived, we’ll be publishing a bunch of as-we-get-our-hand-on-it content via Twitter, Facebook and right here in the MMOGames News Feed, alongside a complete MMO Wrap-Up of the entire event that we’ll continue to update every chance we get. Check it out here.

And, of course, there’s the parties – we’ll be attending numerous alcohol-fueled events after we’ve finished bringing you the latest and greatest in MMO gaming, including the EVE Online LA Player Gathering, and taking many photos and videos throughout. Good games, good people, good vibes – that’s what we’re expecting. We’ll let you know how it turns out.

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