MMOGames Reader’s Choice Award from E3 2012 Winner Announced

Last week we asked you, the reader, to tell us which of the MMOs and MMORPGs shown at E3 2012 was your favorite. We gave you all a week to answer on our Facebook page, and after a huge response we have finally picked a winner for the MMOGames Reader’s Choice Award. The winner has been contacted with a free pre-order code for Guild Wars 2, giving them access to all upcoming beta weekends and a free copy of the game.

MMO Games RaiderZ Screenshot

Congratulations Kiefer Hughston!

Selection: RaiderZ

Response: If I had to pick a favorite, and IF it’s only one, I’d have to pick RaiderZ – North America, just because it’s that ultimate Monster Hunter fix I’ve always yearned for after they took it off the PS2 and onto handhelds. Which handhelds are bad. That, mixed with what is said to be the fluidity of Tera, and I’m in high anticipation for the game.

You can switch weapon sets on the fly, which can dramatically change how a battle plays out. Sadly it takes a little out of the strategy, but you can be prepared for everything now. And there is an actual crafting system, all I can hope for is that you can craft dye as well. I also love that you can block. As said, it made a very big gaping hole in Tera’s combat. I’m a Slayer, I don’t think I’m going to dodge. Blocking or parrying the attack would feel more at home. Plus you get to take down gigantic Monsters and Creatures with a team? That just feels more liberating then “kill x amount of y”. It’s, “Kill this gigantic f*@#ing thing. You might want teammates. 

In case it decides to corner you and beats you mercilessly, and you regret not having teammates while you watch your character die, crying all the while. Just a suggestion.” If you can set out traps to help take these beasties down, I will probably actually be attached to this game. Or be addicted for months at a time.

I just wish I could’ve picked more D: Age of Wushu, Defiance, Core Blaze, and Otherland were very close runner ups.

We hope you enjoy your free copy of Guild Wars 2, and of course RaiderZ when it finally releases. For everyone else who wants to find out more about Keifer’s choice, read more about RaiderZ at E3 2012. With such a huge response, there is one other game that we have to mention, Neverwinter. This game was a choice for many of you, so if you are one of the people that hasn’t checked it out, find out more about Neverwinter at E3 2012. Keep an eye out in the future on our Facebook page for more free giveaways!

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