MMOGames: Top 5 MMOs and MMORPGs at E3 2012

What’s an E3 event without a list of the Top 5 best looking games at the show? Nothing, that’s what, which is why we’ve complied this list of our most anticipated MMOs and MMORPGs from E3 2012. Enjoy.

5. Dungeons and Dragons: Neverwinter

Attempting to revive Dungeons and Dragons in the online space is the Action MMORPG, Neverwinter from Perfect World Entertainment. Not much was shown at the event outside a small 10 minute gameplay demo, though it was enough to get a feel for how Neverwinter plans to change up the traditional D&D style with a more action-oriented focus.

mmo games neverwinter e3

Much of the gameplay on offer didn’t show anything particularly innovative, but what we saw was polished, smooth and enticing. PvP wasn’t mentioned, though we have a feeling, given the combat mechanics, that it’ll have a large role on gameplay come release.

4. Core Blaze

Following the trend of the Unreal 3 MMO in spectacular fashion, Core Blaze, an upcoming Free to Play Action MMO from Gamania grabbed 4th place in our top 5 this year with its spectacular visuals and innovative game mechanics.

mmo games core blaze e3

Though not without its share of problems – namely, some very awkward controls that don’t seem to know whether they’re for console or PC – Core Blaze features some of the best looking visuals in an MMO to date, alongside some amazing weather mechanics that have a noticeable impact on gameplay, and a huge variety of skills, spells and items that spice up combat in some very interesting ways.

3. Defiance

Trion Worlds have been busy this last year, and looking at Defiance, we can see why. This upcoming MMOTPS for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 is looking to bring some much needed depth to the genre.

mmo games defiance e3

Featuring staple PvE gameplay the likes of dungeons and quests alongside true, open-world PvP, Defiance is looking to finally inject a real portion of MMO into a genre that often lacks anything of the sort. Though, perhaps most interesting is the announcement of a TV show to be released on the SyFy channel, that players will shape via their impact on gameplay, bringing new meaning to leaderboards and highlighting extraordinary soldiers like never before.

2. DUST 514

Pushing the boundaries of innovation like no other game before, DUST 514, an upcoming Free to Play MMOFPS for the Playstation 3 that blends seamlessly with the PC MMORPG Eve Online took second place in our Top 5 without challenge.

Those who follow our content regularly will know that we’ve been waiting for this one for a long time now; the possibilities of a first-person shooter that takes place across thousands of planets that exist within an MMORPG universe is nothing if not ambitious, and the direct connection between these two games via the marketplace, corporations (clans) and orbital bombardment – which is, quite literally, when an Eve Online player launches a volley of lasers from a planet’s orbit, annihilating all DUST players in the area – place DUST 514 in a world of its own.

mmo games dust 514

DUST 514 at E3 revealed a new map, a lot more vehicle combat and some minor graphical improvements; everything else is still under NDA, but expect more coverage in the months to come, and read our feature piece Everything You Don’t Know About DUST 514 to catch up on what we already know today.

1. Age of Wushu

There were a lot of impressive MMORPGs at E3 this year, but none so much as Age of Wushu. Though not the most visually impressive, nor the most perfectly constructed, Age of Wushu struck us as the most innovative across the board, and in doing so, has become our most anticipated release from across the event.

Specifically, we were most impressed by the removal of the traditional numeric levelling system in place of skill-based progression, asking new players to first choose a school of martial arts and begin training in those arts that most interest them. This was a great break-away from the all-too-consistent use of the typical ‘level x’ mechanic, and something we’re very excited to play with come the beta release later this year.

mmo games age of wushu e3

Gameplay, both in terms of PvP mechanics and environment interaction, was another strong element. Running across water, scaling walls, meeting mid-air with your opponent and fighting as you slowly glide back to the surface of whichever city had just become your personal combat area – though clearly lacking polish, it felt fantastic to play, and in the end, it’s that ‘feeling’ you get you you know you’re playing something fun that helped Age of Wushu steal our hearts, and our MMOGames Award for Most Impressive MMORPG at E3 2012.

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