MMOHub adds 300 more Beta Keys for Lords Online CB

MMOHub ran out of keys too fast!
Lords Online is sure to be a hit, and thanks to our great partner IGG, we’ve been able to grab what

might be the very last 300 keys to the beta that only started today!

color=”#FF0000″>Hurry and take advantage of what may be your last chance to check out this excellent new MMO from IGG!


About Lords Online:
Lords Online is the 2nd generation of free browser-based strategic war game

that utilizes the classic combat rules set down in Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. The story is set in the mystical land of Mu. On this continent, several races live amid a

constant struggle for supremacy. With intricately designed heroes, military bases and camps, as well as sharp graphics and landscape imagery, you will feel as though you’re

there, giving the commands to engage in battle yourself!

Lords Online’s primary features:
Full Controllable Combat —You

decide who lives and dies!

Creative Movable Maps — Navigate your own way to success
Cultivate Heroes System —Recruit legendary heroes to fight for

your kingdom

Challenging Strategies —Rich array of troops means more intense strategies
Strong Alliance System —Ally with friends and fight against

enemies together

Realistic Governing System —It ain’t as easy as it looks on CNN
Quality Graphics — Best graphics in all browsers based Strategy