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Aika Online is an epic fantasy MMORPG developed by JoyImpact, creators
of Neo Steam: The Shattered

Continent. Five nations vie against one
another for control of Arcan, waging war on a scale never before seen
in an MMORPG. Nations hurl themselves against one

another in massive
castle sieges, relic thefts, and customized battlegrounds. Each nation
is ruled by a player, the Lord Marshal, whose supreme power is

by a regime of guilds. Preeminence is an uncertain throne,
however, as nations may ally together to usurp the ruling kingdom and
guilds may conspire to overthrow the

ruling council. Players take a
pivotal role in this drama as they choose one of six classes, each of
which undergoes multiple evolutions, and are assisted by their

intelligent, sassy fairy familiar which supports them in all their
endeavors. Aika gameplay innovations have not gone unnoticed. The
Korea Game

Industry Agency (KoGIA) awarded Aika the prestigious 2009
Best of Show: Prime Minister Award, Player Choice: Best Online
Game, and Best Game Design &


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