MMOHub launches City of Eternals EARLY ACCESS PREVIEW

MMOHub and Ohai have teamed up to bring 100 lucky MMOHub registrants an EARLY ACCESS PREVIEW to the exclusive Alpha testing of this

incredible new title!

Invites will go out ONLY to the FIRST 100 users from to City of Eternals – so head on over to our

href=”” target=”_blank”>Giveaways page and get your invitation right away!

City of Eternals is the

world’s first MMORPG set in a world of modern Vampires.

Taking place in an eclectic Vampire world, City of Eternals is filled with elements

that evoke the many variations of undead mythology in popular culture (i.e., dark drama storylines of True Blood, action-oriented gameplay of Underworld, romance of Twilight,

the deep narrative of the vampire classics. You can choose your Vampire look and fighting style, explore a massive city with dozens of story quests, combat instances, and

standalone missions. You will learn to harvest valuables and craft useful items, customize your own home, and choose your path to becoming the ultimate


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