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MMOHub Leveling System Changes!

After some research and discussion, we’ve come to the conclusion that we need to update/improve the leveling system. While it was great for a while, the more users we have the more refining and improving we need to do. Because of this change, and some other factors, some users may find their level adjusted down. If you are one of these users and have concerns about this, please contact me directly. If there are going to be level adjustments, they will occur around the time the leveling system is updated next week or prior to that, and not afterward for the same reasons.

We plan to update the level system next week with the following changes:

Action: Visit our Portal/Community site
Points: +50
Change: Maximum of 5 times every 24 hours

Action: Visit your Profile page
Points: +30
Change: Maximum of 5 times every 24 hours

Action: Post a message or reply to the forums
Points: +50 (increased)
Change: Unlimited – If a user abuses their posting ability, they will be punished and/or banned

Action: Sign another member’s Guestbook
Points: +50 pts
Change: Maximum of 10 times every 24 hours

Yes, we are also looking at other ways to award points for members of our Community. Thank you everyone for your feedback!

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