MOG Tale in the Desert 4 coming to an end

A Tale in the Desert 4 Coming to an End

Players will choose a Pharaoh.

Pittsburgh, PA—œ July 11, 2010 —œ A Tale in the Desert 4 is swiftly coming to a close and eGenesis has announced the end-game activities.  Players will vote on which of the two brothers who have been dividing Egypt all tale are to be Pharaoh.  In doing so, players will also be choosing whether to have new tests or new technologies coded in A Tale in the Desert 5.
The sons of Pharaoh, who passed away after A Tale in the Desert 3, have been pulling the players in opposite directions since A Tale in the Desert 4 began.  Sami believes in living the good life and in leisure, while Wahim thinks hard work and challenges are the way to find meaning.  Finally the players will get a say as they choose between Sami and Wahim.  The winner of a server-wide election will become the Pharaoh of Egypt as it moves into A Tale in the Desert 5.  
This decision will have other long lasting repercussions.  If players choose Wahim, it will be business as usual, as the tests they are designing for the monuments in A Tale in the Desert 4 will be implemented in Tale 5.  However, if they choose Sami, there will be no new player designed tests.  Instead, the players will be able to invent 7 new technologies, which could completely change the content of the game.  The passing technologies will be coded for Tale 5.  Technologies affect how things are crafted and built in the game, as everything, from wood planed into boards to blowing glass to the giant monuments at the end, is built by the players using technology.
"Never before have players been able to direct Scientists at Egypt’s Great Universities to imagine entirely new skills and technologies. Furthermore, I have no idea how the election will go: a vote for Sami is a vote to turn away from the goals that many have pursued over the last 18 months; a vote for Wahim gives up an opportunity to affect a part of the game that players have never had a chance to control."
Players interested in A Tale in the Desert today can download the client from  A free trial is available in the current telling and new players will be able to participate in the end-game activities.  Follow to keep on top of all the latest happenings.
About A Tale in the Desert
A Tale in the Desert is a unique massive online game.  It has absolutely no combat and death is rare. Within the game is one of the most complex trade skill systems that have ever been created. This is coupled with tests in various disciplines that challenge players to work together or against each other. There is a discipline to meet almost any interest.  Perhaps most unique is that the game actually has an ending and a new telling starts up with players back at ground zero.

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