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Monk Solos World of Warcraft Raid Boss

After 107 wipes, a monk by the name of Powanny managed to single-handedly clear World of Warcraft Highmaul raid boss Ko’ragh.

Although Highmaul isn’t currently the most difficult raid in the game, with Hellfire Citadel now being the third raid in the game, it’s still an impressive feat to solo clear any raid-level boss in World of Warcraft. Historically, things like this happened with previous expansion bosses, such as being able to solo Onyxia at level 90 when she was a level 80 Wrath of the Lich King boss.

The fight with Ko’ragh managed to last 9 minutes and 29 seconds, which apparently left Powanny 2 seconds to spare before Exterminate went off. The key to success seemed to be a combination of RNG, ilvl 713 gear, practice, mastery buffs, and a recent buff to the monk class. Ko’ragh is considered both a damage and intelligence check, which usually requires a competent team with a decent level of gear.

While this is definitely an impressive show of skill and dedication, it does bring up balancing issues surrounding the game. Should a specific class have the ability to take down a current raid boss all by themselves? However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that monks are overpowered, but that the way they’re designed satisfied the niche requirements for this specific fight. Take a look at the video and let us know.

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