Monster Hunter World Opens a Second Beta for All PS4 Players

According to “popular demand”, all PlayStation 4 players are going to get a second Monster Hunter World beta to play, regardless of whether you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber or not. So, if you happen to be among those with a PS4 but not with a PS+ membership, you’re in luck this time around.

monster hunter world beta

The beta will run this coming weekend between Friday, December 22nd until Tuesday, December 26th. Beta starts at 5pm UTC/12pm EST and wraps up just before midnight Eastern.

According to the announcement, the beta is intended to test server load and so will introduce worldwide multiplayer matchmaking. Once more, this test is available to every PS4 player but does require players to have an internet connection to play, even in single-player mode.

Much like the previous beta test, the quests are the same: three hunts of increasing difficulty against the Great Jagras, Barroth, and Anjanath respectively. All three hunts are available in either single-player or multiplayer. Players will also get to test out the game’s 14 different weapons in the training area. Those who complete each of the three hunts will unlock in-game items for use in the full release, while completing any of the hunts offers a unique face paint for the retail version.

Players who want to take part in the beta can download the game from the PlayStation Store today. If you took part in the previous beta and still have the game on your system, there’s nothing more you need to do. Unless, of course, you want to look at cat people doing their thing in the trailer below.

Our Thoughts

So if this beta is like the previous one, then it’s less of a test and more of a marketing demo. Especially since it prompted you to buy the thing at the end of every quest. Still, we’re not going to knock having more time in this monster hunting world for free, especially when beating up huge critters online or offline is fun.

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