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A Month Full of Events in Vindictus

Vindictus is kicking off the holiday season by introducing a brand-new character, a new type of shop, and 28 days of rewards for new players.

On December 9, the phantom mage Sylas joined the Vindictus lineup. Sylas is the perfect character for new players with his powerful daggers and ability to deflect enemy attacks. Additionally, new players will also receive daily rewards for 28 days from the date of their account creation.

“A dexterous, powerful mage, Sylas is on a vengeful journey to break free from his dark past. Equipped with a dozen mystical phantom blades, he is able to carve a bloody path through his foes; slashing, smashing, crashing all that stand in his way. What’s more, his magical daggers double as a protective shield, meaning his defence is equally as powerful as his offence.”

Sylas isn’t the only update coming to Vindictus. A new in-game store will also be available for players over level 40, which will only accept AP as currency. Players can earn AP by completing dungeons and raids, but it’s generally used for leveling up character skills. Now players will be able to spend that AP on items normally only found in the cash shop.

The new update also includes holiday themed maps and events.

Our Thoughts:

It’s always great when a game provides multiple ways to obtain cash-shop items. Limiting certain items, even cosmetic, to only paying players can often create issues. This way players can either choose to spend a lot of time grinding, or they can simply spend real money.

Source: Games Press

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