Month-Long Mount Quest Item Found on WoW’s Live Servers

How patient are you to get yourself a shiny new World of Warcraft mount? Are you willing to wait a month? Well that’s the wait time that stands between you and the Kua’fon pterrodax mount, and it all starts with an egg that has officially dropped for the first time on WoW’s live servers.

kua'fon pterrodax mount

The egg in question is the Pterrodax Egg, which (appropriately enough) drops from a Pterrodax monster. Apparently, the drop rate of this particular item is extremely low, with a number of players reporting many hours of farming Pterrodax for the drop.

The first instance of this item’s drop on live servers was logged from a Bloodraged Pterrordax in Zanchul, Zuldazar. It’s assumed that Pterrodax in Nazmir quest zones also drop the item, but that’s yet to be officially confirmed.

The Pterrodax Egg begins the “How to Ptrain Your Pterrodax” quest line, which leads into a 29 day-long line of daily quests as players must bring the egg up from infant all the way up to full-sized Pterrodax. Each step of the way introduces new dailies along the creature’s life cycle, which are all outlined here.

As for getting your own Pterrodax mount, there are a couple of caveats to bear in mind above and beyond the exceedingly slim drop chances; namely, this quest is Horde-specific and you’ll have to be a minimum of level 120 to start the journey. If you’re a serious collector of WoW mounts, however, that’s likely not going to stop you.

Our Thoughts

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again; we love how there are hidden treasures in WoW’s updates like this one, and while a 29 day grind does sound pretty rough on the surface, that’s not terribly off the mark of grinds for gear in any PvE MMO. We wish those hunting for their own Pterrodax mount the best of luck!

Source: Wowhead

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