Moon Mining Will See Some Changes in EVE Online

“There’s ore in them thar moons!” That’s the proclamation made in a recent developer blog post detailing changes to EVE Online moon mining due to arrive this year. The post goes into great detail about new ores, changes to moon surveying, and a lot more.

eve online moon mining

The actual process of mining itself is the first major change to moon resource collection. Instead of a starbase harvester passively pulling resources from a nearby moon, EVE Online will introduce a moon drilling module that blasts a chunk of a moon off, pulls it into space, then blows that chunk into a mineable asteroid field.

The new process will introduce new ores to moon harvesting as well as greater ore yield since pilots will now be responsible for mining the created asteroids. 20 new types of ore are being planned, with each ore composed of a primary material like Vanadium and secondary materials like Cobalt or Evaporate Deposits.

The actual process of surveying a moon is also getting changed, with an adjusted UI to give players a clearer picture of a moon’s material yield, a timer that shows when probes will complete their scans, and the ability to copy results to a clipboard.

Industrious EVE Capsuleers can take a look at all of these changes on the official website.

Our Thoughts

The process of eating rocks in EVE Online tends to be one of the more interesting parts of the game for some (this writer included), so making that process even more involved for moon harvesting sounds very engaging for the right kind of player.

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