MU Legend Begins its Open Beta

A year’s worth of development time and two closed beta tests have all culminated in this. The MU Legend open beta launch is now officially live today, granting all players their opportunity to check out the online ARPG for themselves.

mu legend open beta launch

Webzen Dublin’s COO Dennis Czybulka described the devs’ emotions for MU Legend’s open beta launch as “an exotic diversity of exhilarated states of mind”. “Now, the fun starts for the fans, and our attention is focused entirely on making their game experience the most unforgettable yet,” said Czybulka.

Open beta, for all intents and purposes, sounds like a soft launch of sorts as all character data and progression will be retained from now on, even beyond full launch. Those who have participated in the CBTs and other test phases prior to open beta will be receiving their special titles this coming Tuesday, November 14th.

Additional updates are planned for MU Legend through the open beta period, including 3v3 PvP and a territory wars feature. 3v3 PvP gameplay will arrive in an update sometime before the end of the year.

For those looking to hop in, you can head to MU Legend’s website to sign up and play. A trailer for the open beta can also be seen below.

Our Thoughts

Congratulations once more to the MU Legend team for reaching open beta. It’s clear that many people were looking forward to MU Legend and we hope that open beta and beyond lives up to everyone’s expectations.

Source: press release

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