NCSoft Unveils Full Details On Lineage II Free To Play

Recently NCSoft announced that their Fantasy MMORPG Lineage II is to become a Free to Play MMO. Details were vague and the developers spoke of accelerated progression for new and current players, while all content would be unlocked for a ‘truly free’ experience. NCSoft is back with another announcement, and this time the details are aplenty. Come November 30th 2011, Lineage 2 will be unlocked for everybody, no zone, level, or player interaction restrictions will be placed on free accounts, once again enforcing that truly free message. To help new players, the developers have introduced new website features such as a levelling guide and item shop.

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Path to Awakening is an exclusive levelling guide that was crafted specifically for L2. Utilizing interactive maps and detailed instructions on where to level, at what level, the game offers a smoother levelling experience for new players. Up until level 76, players will be rewarded frequently with buffs and time limited gear, enabling players to level at an exceptionally faster rate. As one of the leading P2P MMORPGs you don’t just give away your game for free, so of course there is now a cash shop. Remember the game is attempting to offer a true free to play experience, there is no pay to win here and the cash shop known as the L2 Galleria will only offer players ways to accelerate their progression in the game. The cash shop will contain the Exploration Packs, which brings new ways for players to ease their grind.

  • The Discovery Pack – For the casual player who plays for short periods to discover Lineage II. This pack includes a sizeable number of support items plus special bonuses including an R-grade Weapon Seal Scroll and an R-grade Top-Grade Life Stone designed to bring players more fun in short bursts of time.
  • The Adventure Pack – For the determined player who likes challenges. This pack includes the bonus items from the Discovery Pack, an R-grade Weapon Enchant Scroll as well as other support items, designed to speed players ahead of most others on the way to Awakening.     
  • The Destiny Pack – For the Lineage II grandmaster intent on transcending the rest.  Along with the bonus items from the Adventure and Destiny Packs, a huge number of support items and a special item that differs every month, players will receive a R-grade Unbind Scroll until the end of December.

Exploration Packs will be available in the cash shop as of November 23rd, a week before the launch of the Free to Play business model. To celebrate the launch and the end to another year, NCSoft will also be holding a seasonal promotion throughout December, meaning players will receive valuable bonuses! A lot of people are planning to return to Lineage II upon its conversion to the F2P market, are you?

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