NCsoft’s Lineage Fine Tunes a Decade’s Worth of Content

NCsoft Lineage Fine Tunes a Decade Worth of Content 

New Zones, Bosses, Mini-Games, Quests and Veteran Enhancements Make Up the Content 
Scheduled for Release in the Upcoming Episode U Patch 
Lineage, the game that defined a generation of MMO players around the world shows no sign of slowing as NCsoft releases Episode U this Wednesday, February 24. Packed with a decade worth of content updates behind it, Episode U continues to refine the innovative mechanics that made Lineage an international success and delivers the most comprehensive patch in the franchise storied history. 
The Episode U update brings dozens of changes, large and small, to provide a sweeping and refreshing new way for players to explore the world of Aden. First and foremost among the features within Episode U is the option for players to re-roll their initial stats from when they first embarked on their Lineage career. This Base Stat Renewal will give all players, many of which have spent years with their characters, a chance to re-invent their Lineage experience without losing their progress and accomplishments. Other prominent features of Episode U include:
       New and updated zones
       Fearsome new bosses to challenge
       Additional mini-games such as Pet Racing and Death Matches
       New quests and more content for hours of additional gameplay 
       Dozens of other enhancements and changes
The Lineage franchise has stood the test of time as an acclaimed international hit among MMO fans by consistently delivering new content to players for more than 12 years, and Episode U is yet another testament to the dedication NCsoft invests in not only its games, but the game communities as well.  
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