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Neutral Panda Set To Hit 100 In World of Warcraft

Many people complain of how trivial it can feel to level from 1 to 100 in World of Warcraft these days with multiple experience nerfs and experience-boosting heirlooms, but for one lone Pandaren, that experience feels even longer as he has taken it upon himself to level from 1 to 100 having never left the Wandering Isle, the starting zone for the Pandaren race.

World of Warcraft Doubleagent - - Your source for MMOs & MMORPGs

With monster experience capping out pretty early on.. That pretty much leaves gathering and a tiny handful of Account Wide Battle Pet dailies as the sole method for the grind to the top, as by never leaving the island, this crazy Pandaren is unable to choose a faction to align himself with in order to be able to join the dungeon finder or other such methods.

Well the long wait is finally over, as with the help of the new Account Bound heirlooms, Doubleagent (aptly titled ‘the Insane’) will finally be hitting level 100 and is inviting players to create Pandaren of their own to join him in a raid celebrating his big achievement on March 4th. Players must be level 10 Neutral Pandaren on the Mannoroth server to be able to join and he plans to take a little tour of the island before hitting level 100 via gathering node and the event will likely be recorded.


Source: Blizzard Watch

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