Neverwinter adds MOBA-Like Gameplay

The newest update for Neverwinter’s Stronghold expansion will now allow players to participate in massive 20vs20 player-versus-player battles where they will defend their stronghold against enemy onslaughts.

Players who belong to guilds will be able to collect material, clear ruins, and construct their own guild hall, which must then be defended from other guilds. In order to increase the chance for success, players can also build and upgrade strategic fortifications in their territory. Additionally, completing quests and conquering nearby areas will allow each guild’s stronghold to rank up. This will unlock new encounters and equipment from guild merchants.

These upgrade become essential in the new Stronghold Siege game mode, which takes a page out of the MOBA genre. Players will compete in 20vs20 combat where they will push down 3 lanes, build siege equipment, and disrupt supply lines.

It seems that bigger guilds will probably have an advantage here through easier access to upgraded buildings and a larger selection of players, and it sounds as though most of the new content will be limited to players currently in a guild and who are interested in PvP. That being said, Neverwinter and all of its expansions are still currently free, so there’s no harm in giving it a chance.

Source: Cryptic Studios

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