Neverwinter Combat League

Neverwinter Adds Seasonal PvP and More Information on Strongholds

Neverwinter has been pretty busy showing us what it’s made of with a new series of in game events announced in the ‘Neverwinter Combat League’, as well as the release of a dev blog which gives us a first look at Strongholds coming to Neverwinter with the next expansion.

Neverwinter Combat League

The Neverwinter Combat League (NCL) will bring seasons to Neverwinter’s PvP. Each season, players will fight to increase their standing in the league rankings split by Paragon Path by participating in PvP modes. Players will receive combat Tokens based on their league rankings which can be turned in to Dougan Hammerfist, Neverwinter’s newest NPC. These Combat Tokens will also drop in PvP matches which means that players who keep playing PvP will be able to collect more as they rank up. Rewards and rankings available will be refreshed as the seasons progressed however in order to give all players the opportunity to reach the top. Check out Neverwinter’s NCL FAQ for more information on this new feature to the game’s PvP.

Neverwinter Strongholds

We now have a little more information on Strongholds, too. To begin with, all guilds will have their own Stronghold “adventure zone” which starts off decayed and infested with enemies in the land around it. Over time, as the guild ranks up, the Stronghold is repaired, townsfolk move in, new enemies appear. Guild members will be able to donate to the Stronghold coffer which will in turn go towards the building of structures which your guild will decide on – some of which will help to improve the land around the Stronghold, others providing boons to guild members. Each upgrade brings your guild closer to the aspect of Neverwinter they most want to experience together.

Don’t miss out on Neverwinter’s Double Glory event which is ongoing right now and ends on Wednesday June 17 at 10am PDT!


Source: Neverwinter news update, dev blog

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