Neverwinter Discusses the Stronghold Marauders Guild Event

Just as you’ve gotten a nice, fat stack of building materials and other goodies for your guild’s stronghold, a bunch of bandits decide to rush in and try to steal it. This is the scenario for the Stronghold Marauders guild event arriving to Neverwinter’s Shroud of Souls update.

stronghold marauders

Stronghold Marauders is a guild-centric point defense game mode where guilds will need to defend reward caches that have been spread around the outside of your guild stronghold from waves of enemies. As time moves on, the enemies will become more difficult and throw occasional new surprises.

When a guild has survived five waves, a brief period of time will be available. Guilds can either get the caches into the walls of their stronghold or summon more carts to add to the goodie pile for additional rewards. Doing so bears a risk, however; more rewards will bring on stronger enemies who will try to snag your guild’s stash.

Just what are those rewards? Every player present when the guild cashes in the event’s reward receives vouchers to fill guild coffers, as well as 600 Influence for every player who participates at least once a week.

More information about the Stronghold Marauders mode can be read at the official website.

Our Thoughts

Guild events can be some of the most fun activities in MMORPGs, and this particular guild event definitely sounds interesting. We’re curious to know how many guilds will be keen on the idea of taking part in a point defense game mode. We’re also looking forward to hearing more about what’s coming to Neverwinter in the Shroud of Souls update.

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