Neverwinter Shows off New Zones

Perfect World Entertainment give us some insight on a couple of the new zones coming to the Neverwinter module called Elemental Evil. The two new zones each hold their own beauties and terrors. They stand in stark contract to each other, Drowned Shore is a foggy seaside location that embodies a sense of ambiance and excitement. Reclamation Rock on the other hand, is a war torn city attempting to build in the wake of the destruction. in a desert like wasteland.

In each of the Elemental Evil zones, the focal point of the cult’s power is a towering elemental beacon. Here, that beacon is the fortress called Reclamation Rock. The Elemental Cult gained entry to the city claiming to be the Black Earth Mercenary Company, but soon turned on the people of Helm’s Hold.



The team hints there will be plenty of storyline related content throughout the two zones, giving players lots of content to explore and conquer. For more Information on Neverwinter module 6: Elemental Evil please see the corresponding post on the official website.


Adventurers who return to Blackdagger Ruins – now renamed the “Drowned Shore” in the wake of the disaster – will find themselves joining forces with rangers and druids of the Emerald Enclave. In addition, they will become reacquainted with an old ally: the Harper Xalliana

There’s even more going on in Reclamation Rock than an invasion of elemental cultists. Players will also meet many characters they helped in the battle against the Ashmadai. [Including] Captain Dunfield, who has come back from retirement to coordinate the battle against the cult,


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